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Bah, acrylics on  75cm x 115cm canvas, september 2011

And here it is… Session Two of the Audiofeel Painting Project. Two canvases that eventually became one…(oh, how I love happy endings…)

(There’s some 12 more half-finished paintings in my paintingstudio-which-doubles-as-an-ironing-room at the moment. This week I discovered the ironing board is really handy for putting canvases on that need to be out of the way to dry…the iron has some paint on it now, oh well…)

If you’re thinking “audiofeel paintings, huh?” then read more here and/ or check out the previous painting blogpost.

Booh, acrylics on 75cm x 115cm canvas, september 2011

It took some time before I could see the possibility of these two canvases side-by-side, and that it would only take a little to connect them. (Yes, been doing a lot of connecting these last few weeks!) It was all about taking the time to wait !
….*taptaptap*……………………*filing nails*…(ëcheck out the article on creativity and waiting too…) 


Booh & Bah (connected), acrylics on 2 canvases of 75cm x 115cm, september 2011


Booh & Bah (separated), acrylics on 2 canvases of 75cm x 115cm, september 2011


  1. AUDIOFEEL wrote:

    Out of the heart ??? into your dreams ???

    Grtz: Erich ( synth)

  2. AUDIOFEEL wrote:

    Cool body paint result, at D-vers festival in Sittard…

    Thnx for being there…

    == Erich == ( keys )

  3. Caroline wrote:

    you are very welcome! Awesome that you guys let me on stage without an extensive freak-security-check ;) I thought there was an amazing sense of flow and am also proud for not tripping over any cables etc. while changing paints, haha…P.S. It's always about heart and dreams :)

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