Flying There and Back – (Audiomuse no.3) -

Sometimes, my own paintings give me a headache. It’s a sign that they need work, if I’m not dehydrated that is. Why that particular kind of useful info cannot come through by means of a more pleasant signal is a little mysterious to say the least. (but maybe musicians get real earpain from songs that aren’t quite ‘right’?)

Anyway…I’m making this post into a page from one of those holiday books for kids…spot the differences…Below is the finished painting, the older versions are underneath.
(oh, and do let me know if the old versions of the paintings also give you a headache…that will provide some interesting brain research stats!)

Flying there and back, acrylics on 2 canvases of 75cm x 115cm, October 2011

Inspiration Details: Both canvases were painted to the music of Audiofeel. Left canvas was painted to “sweat”, the right canvas was painted to Officer in Command, Nugget, Disco, YSD

And here’s the older versions:

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