Painting is a space of not-thinking for me. Of following the logic of shape and line, colour and movement.

I work fast, and yet it may take months for a work to be completed.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of that one final thing. Like an idea that isn’t quite complete…and then…voila.

All my works are painted with acrylic paints. They dry fast, allowing me to paint in layers. Acrylic paint also has a neutral smell, so I can keep breathing while I work :)

I usually paint on the floor. I can let things be messier that way. Allowing the paint to bleed like watercolours, without having it “drip” creates all kinds of unexpected possibilities. There is a joy that comes from mixing colours, much like I imagine a perfumer would enjoy experimenting with scents.

I’ve been painting since I was 16. Although, my first box of water colours is much older than that. Sixteen was when painting started to take on new meaning for me though. Instead of merely allowing me to represent something, I started to understand how paint allowed me to express something.

I hope that, when you look at my paintings, that you will give yourself permission to have your own story about them (or lack of it). The paint is the story. I have no ulterior narrative that I am trying to convey. The work itself is the work.

For me, the “meaning” of a painting is primarily the experience that you have when you look at it. With some works, something just clicks. Somehow, you enter into a dialogue with the work. It makes you feel something, experience something, remember something. Those are the works that speak to you and are meant for you.





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